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Ta Prohm


ta_prohm.jpgThe outside enclosure of the temple consists of a large laterite wall about 1000m long by 700m wide with four entrances on the every axis. The central block is about 400m from the east or west entrance and is among the largest of the monument in the Angkor Complex. The inscription gives an idea of the size of the temple. The complex include 260 statues or idols, 39 towers with pinnacles and 566 groups of residences.

It was dedicated in 1186 to shelter the image of the queen mother in the likeness of Prajnaparamita "the perfection of wisdom" and 260 other images including the master or spiritual father of the king. The great stele gives us much information about the number of personnel in the temple, its property and all supplies needed for the cult. The stele says that the temple owned:

taprohm.jpgThe Property:

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