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Phnom Bakheng

Phnom Kulen "Kulen Mountain" Set of 17 brick towers framed in sandstone attributed to Jayavarman II and Jayavarman III. Phnom Khulen is a vast plateau 40km long by 14km wide and overlooking the plain of Angkor over 300m. At all times, its location and elevation on a strategic location but also sacred. The many streams that crisscross the leads to rivers that irrigate crops and Angkor before they jetter in Lake Tonle Sap. It is also at the foot of this mountain lies the sandstone quarry in which the builders of Angkor have been widely used. Finally on the plateau that many monuments were Battis Khmer by different sovereigns. phnom_kulen_waterfall.jpgThe first buildings seem to go back to Jayavarman II who established a cult Shivaïte to the top of the ninth century Of the 28 temples to Phnom Kulen rescensés, 24 were attributed to Jayavarman II. Their style reflects the time of transition between the pre-Angkorian and Angkorian during which they were built elevation of a building topped with a cover story shadow (pre-style angkorien) and square-shaped sanctuary (style angkorien). Among other monuments have also observed little Buddha couché 10m long and a foot of 2m long Boudhha these sculptures seem dated XVI ° which suggests the occupation and the veneration of this place of worship temps. in the west limits of the shelf, "the colossal Kulen" adorn their unusual forms the ridge on which they were directly cut.

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